Some samples of my work

Below are a number of samples of items and projects I’ve worked on over the years. The work was performed both in-house and freelance, and is grouped in categories for ease of viewing.

Please contact me here with any questions or project inquiries.

Case Study— Gutter line redesign

The look for the gutter accessories category had not been updated in quite a number of years, having been relegated to a “second class” category. The rollout of new items for one customer, as well as increasing activity in this category, called for an overall refresh.

  • The wordmark. Prior to the redesign, all type on packaging was a combination of Compacta and Helvetica (or, ion some cases, Swiss). This gave all the packaging a dated feel. After a main line and logo redesign, all other categories began to adopt the new look. Gutter items were one of the last. It was also requested that they stand alone a bit as a family, so unique, consistent wordmarks were created for each of the items in this category.

Gallery— “Frost King Premium” Window kit box design

This design was initially planned as a private-label family, but was quickly reconsidered as a viable, possible design for use across all customers.

  • “1 Window” Premium window insulation kit



Logo design



Web Design