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Create Something Every Day (#daily 365)– Feb 09

Today’s #daily365 is extremely straightforward. I love Star Wars. I’m also tired.

Better than a Prius these days, I guess... ©2010 rafael armstrong

Done. End of story. Let me know what you think.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 08

For today, I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, so I grabbed my moleskine and decided to flip through it. Saw this quick sketch I did of a stuffed olive on a toothpick (most likely as a result of a conversation regarding martinis. Decided to draw it out in Illustrator.

©2010 rafael armstrong

That’s really it. Hope you enjoy. As always, your feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 06

About today’s CSED:

Today’s piece came to me literally minutes ago.  I was watching NCIS on cable, when a trailer for The Wolfman came on. For rather obvious reasons, that sparked the image of fangs in my head, and that in turn led me to tonight’s piece (it also provided the nugget of inspiration for tomorrow’s piece, which I’ve already sketched out).

Now, I had originally typed out the step-by-step on how I got here, but decided to have a little fun instead. So, rather than explain the semantic leaps of logic my brain made (pretty straightforward when you think about it, so I’ll leave you to figure it out– feel free to post your thoughts and theories below), I present you with tonight’s piece.

©2010 rafael armstrong

Even the typeface used sort of ties in with the overarching theme running through tonight’s CSED. Hope you enjoy.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 04

Inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and at the oddest of moments…

After catching up on yesterday’s CSED/#daily365, I spent some time thinking about today’s piece, and had come to a decision on what I wanted to do. A little while ago, while catching up on this week’s NCIS (which conflicted this week with the premiere of Lost, so something had to give), I caught  a trailer for the new Travolta movie (I forget the title right now). Near the end of the trailer, they showed a scene where he says the quote on today’s piece. Film fans will recognize the “wink and a nod” nature of the line. Since the film it references is a personal favorite of mine, I decided to go with it.

So, here it is…

I hear Big Kahuna also makes a tasty burger

Now I’m craving a burger.

Enjoy. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for Feb 03

I had originally thought of doing both a month’s-end roundup, and a new piece for Feb 02’s #daily365. However, I felt that prepping for a job interview the following day had to take priority over that, so I decided to (at least for January) to let the roundup be the Feb 02 piece. That meant that I had an idea for Feb 03. Except I had my interview, and by the time everything else for the day was done, I was completely gassed and ended up falling asleep on the sofa watching the live “Man vs. Food” on the Travel Channel. So that meant I had to “postpone” putting it together– which means that I’ve got my work cut out for me today.

Feb 03’s CSED

The idea for this was pretty straightforward. With all the brouhaha over Groundhog Day and– at least in the New York area– the differing opinions between Punxutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck, the idea for an old-style boxing poster was a no-brainer to me.


Rocky v. Apollo got nothin' on Phil v. Chuck ©2010 rafael armstrong
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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)- Jan roundup

Well, January’s over now. We’ve moved on to February, and the pesky rodent saw his shadow (or not, depending on which groundhog you follow. Personally, I’m going with Staten Island Chuck this year. He seems like a “get it done” kind of groundhog). So, and in no small way inspired by others(here and here) undertaking this challenge, I’ve also decided to do a month-end roundup. It should be a nice way to see patterns forming (or not) in my work.

Without further ado…

One down. Eleven to go. ©2010 rafael armstrong

Hope you’re enjoying this half as much as I am in creating these pieces.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 29

Today’s CSED is inspired by three things:

  • My love of Star Wars
  • A fortune cookie saying that I found particularly interesting, and that I have taped to my monitor, so I can have it as a constant reminder.
  • A conversation I had last night with a friend on Facebook regarding Star Wars and its prequels.

As I thought about what I wanted to do for today’s piece, these three things bubbled up to the surface, so I decided on a wallpaper approach. Hope you enjoy.

truly limitless, like the imagination ©2010 rafael armstrong
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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 28

I know, I know. It’s the 29th.  But by the end of yesterday it was (a) already past midnight when I would have started something (thereby making it today, not yesterday) and frankly I just didn’t have the energy to put anything together. So I decided to double up and put together Thursday’s and Friday’s out today– ideally in the morning. So far I’m doing ok.

I was originally going to do a yin/yang inspired 2-fer, but I realized that today was Friday. And it’s trash pickup day. And I’ve been having some issues the last couple of weeks with a pesky crow that lives around here. He (or she– I’m no ornithologist) has decided that I must have some tasty trash because, for the last two weeks my trash bags have been “hacked” into, forcing me to both have to re-bag some of the contents (yay me!– not) and keep the lid on the bins when I place it curbside.

My avian run-ins inspired me to create this icon.

No Crows Allowed ©2010 rafael armstrong

Maybe I’ll print it on a label and stick it on my trash cans– how do you like me now, crow?!

Your comments and opinions on this, and every other piece, are always welcome.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 27

Today’s #daily365 is a bit late, but that’s just because I started it really late (I’ve always felt it’s my civic duty to listen to the State of the Union). I set out with a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but while watching an old NCIS episode on cable (which is, BTW, one of my favorite shows) I was inspired by “the rules” (if you’re a fan of the show, then you know their importance) and decided to run with that. Oh, and in the same way Gibbs’ “rules” have been presented, I also chose to lay them out out of order.


We all need rules to live by... ©2010 rafael armstrong
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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 26

I have a friend. He’s a home brewer. He’s also from Michigan, and now lives in Jersey. I decided I’d try my hand at a beer label (never really done a beverage label before). Here’s the first go-around:

©2010 rafael armstrong

I have a rough idea for another, different, look for the label. I might give that a go later on. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.