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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 05

The best laid plans…

So, I had everything done and ready. Figured I could afford myself plunking down to watch the Smallville “JSA” 2-parter (I’m not a Smallville fan, but I’ve been a comics fan for a while and wanted to see how they would handle some of these Golden Age characters). The episode was really good, by the way. So good I may actually start watching the show.

But I digress.

After it was over, I switched over to Spike to watch some Pride mma fights. Next thing I know it’s after midnight and Tonight Show is on. So much for my plan.

So, this morning, after taking a survey of the snow that never was (what a gyp! The folks that cleaned out the local supermarkets last night must be regretting their decisions right about now), I’m taking a moment to upload yesterday’s concept. It’s a shot of the wireframing I’m working on as part of the visual realignment of my site.

©2010 rafael armstrong

As with all CSED projects, because of the self-imposed time limit of around 30 minutes, it’s far from a final draft (in some instances, it’s been barely a first draft). Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for Jan 30

I’m a bit behind with these weekend entries of my #daily365. Saturday’s I decided to put off  until Sunday because my wife and I spent some time together catching up on a couple of episodes of Ghost Adventures that we had on the dvr. I had all the best intentions in the world to catch up early tonight (Sunday), but instead got sucked into the Grammys.  Save for a couple of moments, it’ll be around 3 hours I’m not getting back.

So, here I am catching up with what should have been Saturday’s piece. This one is completely different in that it tackles 2 different things. First, it’s the first piece I’m doing in InDesign. With over 300 pieces to go, odds are I would have done something in ID eventually. Secondly, it’s a piece that specifically addresses a need.

While in church today, an announcement was made regarding the members’ directory. It got me to thinking that the layout could use some gussying up. I decided to implement the use of columns, and selected type that was clean, and that could hold up at slightly larger point sizes (we have a good deal of members– myself probably included– who would benefit from the use of heavier weights on the type).

study in layout for directory page ©2010 rafael armstrong

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome.