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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 15

The story behind today’s DSED: We (the fam) had dinner at On The Border this evening. Between coffee and the check, and while the (not-so) wee one was taken for a pre-departure lavatory run, I sat there looking at the table. I arranged a couple of things and took a pic with my cell (which my phone reduced to minuscule proportions, unlike the pic taken for a previous entry– but that’s a gripe for another day). The word “detritus” popped in my head. I wrote/drew it out in my pocket Moleskine, intending to use it. In the end, however, this is what I came up with.

Hope you like it, and please do feel free to leave a comment (positive or not), if you are so inclined.

detritus-- DSED for jan 15
detritus at OTB

Design Something Every Day (aka #daily365)– Jan 14

Alright, so yesterday I slacked off on my #daily365. What can I say? I had a pretty busy day working on packaging designs for an upcoming business presentation by one of my clients, and I was just plain tired (To top it off I had to pretty much redo the whole thing this morning due to an unexpected curveball. In the end, though, both the client and I liked today’s revised art even more.) The long and short of it is that I just had zero energy to crank something out (I did, in my defense, have a very interesting dream while napping/passing out on the sofa, which I documented here. You could argue that it counts– sort of).

Anyway, today’s a new day. And, earlier this week I re-watched Helvetica (thanks to PBS and my dvr), and it inspired me to whip this up:

Additionally, re-watching Helvetica has motivated me to read up on Erik Spiekermann.


Design Something Every Day– Jan 12

Today’s #daily365 entry is inspired by my love of one particular brand of hot sauce (easily recognizable, IMO, by the shape of the bottle).

Awesome sauce, indeed.

daily365 randomness

Design Something Every Day– Jan 11

So, with today’s date– 011110– being a palindrome (and one in binary, to boot), it’s strangely fitting that my #daily365 for today is also a palindrome. With all the talk these days of replacing “generic”, ISP-provided, 404 page designs with more custom work, I decided to take a crack at it. Mind you, this is still an early pass (and, considering I’ve started work on cleaning the code and tweaking content layout, it may very well never go past this concept point), although I tried to make it as polished as I could under the Challenge’s  time constraints and parameters

With all that being said, I present today’s DSED entry.


Design Something Every Day- Jan 10

Started doodling for today’s #daily365. Ended up sketching out, & playing with, letters…

some sketches for hand drawn type.
Today's entry in #daily365