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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 27

Today’s #daily365 is a bit late, but that’s just because I started it really late (I’ve always felt it’s my civic duty to listen to the State of the Union). I set out with a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but while watching an old NCIS episode on cable (which is, BTW, one of my favorite shows) I was inspired by “the rules” (if you’re a fan of the show, then you know their importance) and decided to run with that. Oh, and in the same way Gibbs’ “rules” have been presented, I also chose to lay them out out of order.


We all need rules to live by... ©2010 rafael armstrong
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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 26

I have a friend. He’s a home brewer. He’s also from Michigan, and now lives in Jersey. I decided I’d try my hand at a beer label (never really done a beverage label before). Here’s the first go-around:

©2010 rafael armstrong

I have a rough idea for another, different, look for the label. I might give that a go later on. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 25

Another day where, no matter how much I racked my brain, nothing wanted to crystallize itself. Sure, I could have lied about it and used one of the random pieces I have done that are floating in my HD and be done with it. But, in the end I’d be cheating myself of the long-term benefits of the challenge.

So, when I resolved not to warm up and serve leftovers and instead cook something every night, even if it was bologna on hand*, this came together.

©2010 rafael armstrong

I think it sums up where my mind is at the moment…

*For the record, “bologna on hand” was an expression I heard Scott Ian (from Anthrax) use to describe how broke the band members were when they started out. The visual has stuck with me for years.

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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 24

So, yesterday I slacked off a bit. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. I was busy with a project, and had put all my creative focus on it. So, once I was finished, it was late and I really had no physical interest or energy to put into the #daily365.

Today, however, was an entirely different day. The inspiration for today’s project came early in the day while in church. One of the readings was from 1 Corinthians, and as I was listening to it, this image popped in my head. I had to wait till after the service to sketch it out (I usually sit near the front, and didn’t want to throw my pastor off). Here it is:

©2010 rafael armstrong

As a side note, tonight I was reminded of the importance of saving your work early on and frequently, particularly when working in Illustrator. Also, since I missed yesterday, I’m debating between doubling-up one day (to make up for 1/23), or just bagging the idea and letting the missed day stand, more as a symbol and reminder of the challenge.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 22

Today’s  DSED/#daily365

For some reason, I got it in my head that I wanted to try my hand at a desktop calendar pic. I’ve never done one before, but with over 330 days to go in the year, I was bound to take one on at some point. Besides, I didn’t come out half bad (for a first attempt– if I do say so myself)– I may just try and knock one out every month.

feb calendar ©2010 rafael armstrong

Now, why February? Other than it’s the next month coming up, it’s one that– for a number of reasons I’ve grown to like as I’ve gotten older.

If, for whatever reason, anyone’s interested, drop me a line and I’ll email you a higher res version. As always, your comments and observations are greatly appreciated.

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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 21

Had a really tough go at today’s #daily365. This is about as good as it’s going to get. Tomorrow’s another day (& another challenge)…

©2010 rafael armstrong
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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 20

Today’s #daily365: The backstory

I had high hopes for dinner tonight. I was cooking tuff that I’ve made countless times: pork chops, rice & beans (I’m Puerto Rican.  Rice & beans– or arroz con habichuelas— are a must from time to time). The beans came out fine (we’re off to a good start!). Then, as I was checking a text message, the chops got slightly over-charred on one side (no major worries). And the rice, which I (thought) had added more than enough water, ended up dry and salty (greeeeaat).

Today’s DSED is a visual representation of how I felt with dinner tonight.

undewhelmed-- ©2010 rafael armstrong

A burger and a shake later on isn’t something that’s entirely out of the picture.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated.


Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 19

Stevie Ray Vaughan

That man is one of my favorite artists (not #1, though. That place has, from a very early age, been reserved for the Beatles).

Today’s #daily365 / DSED was inspired by a line from May I Have a Talk With You, one of his many covers (I believe BB King originally wrote and performed it).

“You know I like my coffee sweet in the morning,

and I’m crazy about my tea at night”

The night/day, coffee/tea juxtaposition caught my eye, so I decided to play with it.

Hope you enjoy. As always, your feedback is welcome, and appreciated.

coffee/tea ©2010 rafael armstrong
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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 18

It’s really late, and I’m really tired. Today’s entry involves a quick illustration of a Taíno cemí in front of  a sunburst. That’s all.

cemí in front of sunburst (cemí frente a un sol)-- ©2010 rafael armstrong
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Design Something Every Day (#daily365)– Jan 17

Okay, so technically I’m posting this #daily365 very early on the 18th. But, since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’m counting it toward the 17th.

Truth be told, I’m tired and still have a couple of things that I need to do (but they can wait a few hours). In short, ideas weren’t really flowing today (guess that’s to be expected from time to time). So, for today, I decided to take a piece I had noodled with a while back and use it as a starting point.

wallpaper/desktop background-- ©2010 rafael armstrong