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21-day drawing challenge: day 5 (#draw21days)

My apologies for the delay… Prior church commitments kept me from staying on track, and I feel like I’m playing catchup, but, so be it.

The challenge for day 5 was “refine”. We were given 7 choices, and were asked to select one, and go with it. They were:

  • Bigfoot
  • “Your boss”
  • A shark
  • Skull
  • Pelican
  • Evil Space Villain
  • Horse

I kicked a couple of ideas around on a sheet– Bigfoot, a skull, even a pelican.

#draw21days- day 5 #draw21days day 5 side 2

But I kept coming back to the “villain” idea. So I took it, and refined it a bit. The end result is on the second sheet. Here’s a close-up.

#draw21days day5- the alien

Nowhere in the directions did it say the villain had to be humanoid. And, even though the idea of a human being considered evil in space is appealing and potentially more frightening, I decided to go with something a little more insect-like in nature.

How did yours come out? I’m going to check stuff out later and see what others created.

Gotta admit, I’m really enjoying these challenges.





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21-day drawing challenge: day 4 (#draw21days)

I got a little behind due to other commitments, and because I wanted to give these challenges the attention they deserved.
That said, the challenge for day 4 was to draw our non-dominant hand 5 different ways. Here are mine.


Later today I’ll check out Von’s solution, and catch up on yesterday’s challenge.
Don’t forget to share your stuff with the tag #draw21days. I’ve been checking stuff out on twitter,  and there’s some really awesome work happening.

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21-day drawing challenge: day 3

For day 3, we were give a reference sheet and asked to “draw what we saw”. I ended up seeing, among other things, a couple of dogs, a somewhat angry bird-like creature, some sushi, a funky-looking toe, a person ready to go fencing. There’s even a little stick man surfing.

My reference sheet, filled in

What did you see?


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21-day drawing challenge: Day 2

It’s been a long while since I last did continuous line drawings– day 2’s challenge. Specifically, we were challenged with creating:

  • A smiling face
  • A hand holding a soda bottle
  • a man riding a unicycle
  • a running dog

Here are my drawings.

smiling face | continuous line drawing A smiling face. I tried several (you might see bits of them on some of the other images). With this one, I felt satisfied with the results.

hand holding a soda bottle| continuous line drawing Now, the directions didn’t state HOW the bottle was supposed to be held. Again, I tried a couple of different approaches. This was the winner for me.

man on a unicycle- continuous line drawing The man on a unicycle. I’ve never drawn a unicycle before, so I needed some photo reference. I tried one in a side view, but getting the pedals and the unicycle the way I wanted was a pain. I found a “dead-on” shot of a unicycle, and it occurred to me that using that angle would work with the structure of the cycle, especially because I was dealing with one line.

dog running- continuous line drawing My running dog. Again, I needed photo reference, and found a cute bulldog puppy to use.

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21-day drawing challenge: Day 1

Yesterday was the beginning of a 21-day drawing challenge course on (you can find out more here). The day’s first challenge was to draw a cat. Frankly, I’ve always felt animals were one of my weak areas, so I would qualify this as a definite “challenge”. That said, here’s the piece I did yesterday.

my drawing of a cat for the 21-day drawing challenge
21-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 1 | Cat

Are you also doing the challenge? If so, share it ’round the inter webs– Twitter, Facebook, Instagram– and tag it with #draw21days. I know I’ll be checking out what other folks are doing from time to time.


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Create Something Every Day (#daily365) #fb

©2010 rafael armstrong
©2010 rafael armstrong
©2010 rafael armstrong
©2010 rafael armstrong

The year ain’t over yet. Here’s a roundup of the latest…


Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for May 22

Quick-fire for tonight. Those who lived, thrived or just survived the 80s may recognize the somewhat random music reference. Enjoy.

©2010 rafael armstrong

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– May 21

Here I thought I was going to have a hard time with the “q”. I had completely forgotten about “quicksand”, one of the nicer looking free fonts out there…

©2010 rafael armstrong



Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– May 20

I resisted Comic Sans’ siren song, and did not succumb to the temptation of Helvetica (which is one of my top 10 faves). For some reason, I just couldn’t go 3-for-3 with this one…

©2010 rafael armstrong

I just realized the crop marks showed up on the jpeg, but I don’t care to spend more time with Papyrus to fix it. Enjoy!


Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– May 19

When I set off on the “alphabet series”, there were a handful of fonts that, from the get-go, I knew I wanted to use. OCR was one of them. I used a not-too-old self-portrait (I guess you could call it that) and decided to give myself some digital “hair” replacement. Enjoy!

©2010 rafael armstrong