The importance of being Urgent (or the Urgency of being Important)

The idea of “things” (decisions, actions, work) falling into one of two broad categories– either important, or urgent– isn’t something new. I was reminded of it recently while listening to “3 Point Perspective”. “3 Point Perspective” is a podcast hosted by professional illustrators Will Terry, Jake Parker, and Lee White (you can listen to it here or wherever you listen to podcasts).

We need to be more mindful about discerning what things in our lives are urgent or important. If they’re urgent, we should probably tackle them sooner rather than later. If they’re important, we should prioritize them and devote the appropriate energy to them.

If they’re neither, then we should also give them the appropriate time and energy.

I encourage all of us to stop spinning our wheels and take a few moments as we go about our work and lives to try and sort out the urgent, the important, the both, and the neither.