daily365 randomness vector

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for May 11

I learned two things working on this “g” piece. 1) I have a really sucky selection of “g” fonts on my Windows machine. And 2) I really like the double storey “g” over its single storey brethren. I also scoured the interwebs trying to find out why this letter changes from double to single as you travel to the heavier weights in Gill Sans (one of the quirks in this family that puzzles me), but came up empty. Guess there are some things that us humans aren’t meant to know.

So, long story short. I decided on Glasgow because I liked how the negative space played with the positive to give me the impression of crop circles. Simple as that. The color used is the same color (in various tints and transparencies) as on Scotland’s flag.

©2010 rafael armstrong

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