Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for April 26-29

Perhaps I should rename this Create Something Every Day (sort of)

I started this series back in April, but we got some expected-yet-sudden business from a new client, which meant that some things got put on the back burner. At the time we were experiencing some unseasonably warm– almost schizophrenic weather in the NJ/NYC metro area, so that served as the “base” for these pieces. Rather than go through a multiple, elaborate unfolding, I give you the whole series– Seasons.

"summer" ©2010 rafael armstrong
fall ©2010 rafael armstrong
winter ©2010 rafael armstrong
spring ©2010 rafael armstrong

Now I’m closing in on getting April wrapped up, which makes me feel like I’m catching up.  Now, we have around 10 more pieces to go. Stay tuned, and thanks for dropping by and checking this project out.

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