Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for April 10

This is the first of 3 pieces that I’m putting together today(4/12) in order to catch up from a slight derailment caused by technical issues on Saturday.– r

Some thoughts on today’s CSED:

This wasn’t exactly what I had intended for Saturday, but after spending  more time than I wanted to on Saturday night dealing with a malware issue on my computer (<sarcasm>which is what just about everyone loves to do on a Saturday night</sarcasm>), and missing my Saturday CSED deadline, this is where my head ended up– figuratively speaking.

©2010 rafael armstrong

I decided to scrap the original idea and start from scratch. I’m sure everyone can relate. Hope you enjoy wallowing in the little misery that I was in. Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

BTW– I cleaned out whatever caused Gmail and Outlook to go all crazy, and things are back to normal now.

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