Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– April 8

The inspiration for today’s #daily365 came late, and from watching LA Ink. There was a woman getting a lotus and a koi tattoo (2 of the more traditional Asian symbols used in tattooing, I’d imagine), and a thought that, since I really like both images, I’d try for a Lotus. It’s not great, it was done in about 10 minutes, but overall I think it’s an ok start. Enjoy.

©2010 rafael armstrong

3 replies on “Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– April 8”

@Alma- thank you again for your kind words and support in this project (we’re over a 1/4 of the way through!)

@Schrump– Thank you! I try and catch “A Ink” whenever I get a chance. I love seeing, respect and am inspired by these men & women, making art on a canvas without the luxury of “cmd-z”.

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