Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– April 6

Today, while enjoying the outdoors for a bit (read: doing yard work), the word “cucubano” came to mind, and with it a song (of the same name) popularized by Tony Croatto (and, if I’m not mistaken, covered by Menudo as well). In case you’re wondering what a cucubano is, the wiki entry (found here) sheds some light, and the blog “Speaking Boricua” has a short and sweet explanation on Tony Croatto here.

I always thought cucubanos were fireflies. It appears I was wrong about that. Anyway, today’s CSED was inspired by the song’s title and part of the lyrics, which translate as follows:

I am a star of the night
in the mountains as well as the plains

Enjoy! As always, your thoughts and feedback are most welcome.

©2010 rafael armstrong

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