Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for March 11

Some thoughts on the CSED:

There was a locally produced tv show in PR in the mid-late 80s called Sunshine’s Cafe. It was a sketch comedy show that satirized and lampooned society-at-large during that time. One of the more popular characters (and there were several), was “Vitín Alicea”, a poseur gym-rat wannabe (even though he was a bit soggy around the midsection) with an unhealthy fascination with professional wrestling and wrestlers (he constantly mentioned that he had a 15×15 wrestling ring with 8-inch foam padding built at home), and who was– in a not-at-all-subtly implied manner– gay.  The show’s house band had a “theme song” for each major character, and Vitín’s was Hombres en la Noche (Men in the Night). The show also released an album under the house band’s name– “el Combochorno Express” (“Combochorno” being a variation of con bochorno— with shame– as well as playing with the “combo” as a musical group), which included all the major theme songs.

After reading that paragraph, I’m not entirely sure if anyone that didn’t experience Sunshine’s Cafe first-hand will get it, so here goes:

©2010 rafael armstrong

Here’s an audio link to the song in question

as well as a video from the show.

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