Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– For March 3

I’m almost caught up!

I was in the library earlier today looking through their music book section for anything that might have substantial amounts of Blue Note imagery to use as reference and inspiration for this month’s CSED. Alas, I found none today. So (and to briefly digress), in an effort to catch up with my daily posting, I decided to forgo the theme for this (yesterday’s piece).

Some notes on this piece:

I was going to write this whole long-winded piece on how I love the 80s and its films, and how WarGames impacted me as a geek growing up then. Over the weekend, and purely by chance, I caught on one of the local channels what could only have been a direct-to-video (or are we just saying direct-to-dvd now?) sequel of WarGames. Sadly, it was mostly a thinly veiled re-hash/updating of the original. But it inspired me to dust off some Photoshop effects I had not used in a while in order to create this:

How about a nice game of chess? ©2010 rafael armstrong

Hmmm… Maybe I should go with a different theme for March?

Thanks for sticking around and reading this. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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