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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for Feb 22

As I write this, it’s well past midnight on the morning of 2/24, which means that by now I’m technically a couple of days behind on my #daily365. So I have a little catch up still to do.

On Feb 22’s CSED:

I spent the late late evening on Monday (2/22) watching the movie Johnny Got His Gun. If you’re a metal fan in your 30s, you’ll remember this as the movie Metallica took clips from for use on the video for One. And, if I understand correctly, it had not been released on dvd until recently.

So, after watching the movie and being inspired by the dvd cover/one-sheet, I had this visual pop in my head, and it was just a matter of (mostly) drawing it out in Illustrator. Unfortunately I passed out last night before being able to sit down at the computer.

©2010 rafael armstrong

I know that visually it’s similar to a previous piece, and I’m curious at this point in the year how (not if) patterns (visual, thematic, other) will eventually develop. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

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