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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 10

I know I’ve said this before, and it’s especially appropriate today. Inspiration can sometimes hit in the most unlikely places.

Case in point. My part of North Jersey (according to the town’s Chamber of Commerce guide) is about 20 miles from The City (that would be New York City for my out-of-town readers). Throughout the day this area has been “graced” with over a foot of snow– so far. With schools closed and pretty much everything shut down, I had a chance to sit down and clean up the code on my site (I should point out that I’ve been working on a refresh of my site since the beginning of the year). I had fallen into a nice groove, cleaning and streamlining the html and css, and was making some headway, when out of nowhere…

The power went out.

Now, it came back less than 10 minutes later, but, of course, whatever edits I was in the process of making at the time were lost. It’s no major issue, just a minor inconvenience at best.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and I had started to think about today’s #daily365. While (how can I put this delicately and tactfully?)… answering a quick call of nature, an old joke (and not a particularly funny one at that, either) popped in my head. The punchline seemed appropriate for today. I sat down at my desk, cracked open Illustrator and cranked this out real quick:

©2010 rafael armstrong

Like I said– the most unlikely places… Hope you enjoy today’s piece and have at least been mildly amused with my level of personal disclosure. As always, your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

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