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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 01

Finally, I’m all caught up! It’s amazing how taking one night off can rock your momentum. Granted, the time off was spent with loved ones away from the computer, so it was (as with any time spent with those we care about) well worth it.

Here’s a quick story behind today’s entry:

I’ve taken it upon myself to show and expose my girl to the wonderful world of music, outside of the realm of poppy kids bands and over-produced, over-sexed teen singers. She’s become familiarized with the likes of the Beatles (my dad would have been proud, since he was the one that exposed me at a very early age to the Fab Four), Credence, Led Zeppelin, The Who, U2, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Clapton, El Gran Combo, Héctor Lavoe, Maelo, Janis Joplin– to name, but a few.

So, the last couple of days she’s been singing “Proud Mary” while in the car. This morning, she announced that she wanted to bring to the car the “Mexico” song. Knowing her, I quickly figured out that she meant The Coasters’ “Down in Mexico” (from the Death Proof soundtrack). This evening, while on our way to pick up my wife, the two of us broke out into a duet of the song. The word “cat” (as in “he’s one cool cat”) stuck in my head, and I started to picture Joe, the Honky Tonk piano player from the song, as a real cat.

No being particularly good at drawing animals (I never have been), I looked up a quick tutorial on drawing one. Here’s the result:

He wears a red bandanna, plays a blues piano, in a Honky Tonk down in Mexico ©2010 rafael armstrong

She seemed to enjoy seeing “Joe”, so I’d call it a success. As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated, and encouraged.

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