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Design Something Every Day– Jan 11

So, with today’s date– 011110– being a palindrome (and one in binary, to boot), it’s strangely fitting that my #daily365 for today is also a palindrome. With all the talk these days of replacing “generic”, ISP-provided, 404 page designs with more custom work, I decided to take a crack at it. Mind you, this is still an early pass (and, considering I’ve started work on cleaning the code and tweaking content layout, it may very well never go past this concept point), although I tried to make it as polished as I could under the Challenge’s  time constraints and parameters

With all that being said, I present today’s DSED entry.

One reply on “Design Something Every Day– Jan 11”

-A stunner of an image!
-and VERY funny!

By the way, the journal I keep is titled “Ruminations of An Idle Mind”

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