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Happy freelancer, cheesy young’un

I just finished reading today’s post on Freelance Review titled “How happy freelancers beat the home office blues” (a link to the post is here), and it reminded me of something I jotted down a long while back. Here it is, in all its unabashed cheesery.

BTW– Bear in mind that it was written back in Sept of ’96 (when I was just 22 years old), so please, be gentle.

Ten Different Ways to Spruce Up Your Day!

  1. Say hello (or extend a smile) to a complete stranger.
  2. Pet a dog or a cat.
  3. Whistle.
  4. Smile. They cost nothing, but boy, are they worth a lot. (see #1)
  5. Stop for a minute and look at the sky. Pick out shapes and characters in the clouds.
  6. Buy something nice for yourself– even if it’s just buying a piece of gum.
  7. Remind yourself that there are people in the world worse off than you.
  8. Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes.
  9. Nap.
  10. Remember: If everything seems to be going wrong, things can only get better.

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