Quick logo roundup– Puerto Rico and the 1970s.

I love logos. There’s something about taking a business, an organization– whatever– and boiling it down to an icon or a wordmark that really appeals to me. It’s like the ultimate Cliff’s Notes (side note– do they even make Cliff’s Notes anymore?). (After a quick Googling) Apparently they do. And they’re still made with those awesomely-almost … Read more

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for April 15

Originally I had planned on doing something related to the Doomsday clock (something about “tax day, deadlines, that sort of thing), but scrapped it doing the “idea” stage. Then I got involved with prepping for a phone interview, and next thing you know, we’re on Sunday and I haven’t done anything for a couple of … Read more

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for March 11

Some thoughts on the CSED: There was a locally produced tv show in PR in the mid-late 80s called Sunshine’s Cafe. It was a sketch comedy show that satirized and lampooned society-at-large during that time. One of the more popular characters (and there were several), was “Vitín Alicea”, a poseur gym-rat wannabe (even though he … Read more

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 26

Today’s CSED is inspired by (probably) the best-known work (Rio Grande de Loíza) by  a woman who is widely regarded as the greatest female Puerto Rican  poet– Julia de Burgos. Funny thing, though. In giving myself a quick refresher on her life (I had not read up on her since high school), I found that … Read more