Lessons in Photography and Cookery, or “keep it light on the salt”

I was having a discussion a few weeks ago, and the subject of photography came up. The conversation was about image quality, and how sometimes photos on a¬†smartphone can surpass those from a more professional setup. Now, frankly, three are probably a myriad of reasons why that can happen. Rather, what came up during the … Read more

Boiling things down

I know this is awfully simplistic, but, having been immersed in Photoshop most of the day for the last few days, making digital renders and retouches, the following occurred to me: If I had to boil down Photoshop to 3 things, it would be: Layers Masks Blending modes Everything else (and that’s a lot of … Read more

Shortcuts CAN be a good thing

I’ve been doing quite a bit of photo retouching this past week, and in the process realized that I wasn’t being as efficient in my workflow as i could. I decided to consciously seek out the single-keystroke shortcuts for those tools that I was using the most. Here they are, in no particular order: J= … Read more