Yogurt packaging is not black & white

A you’re probably aware by now, I make my living as a packaging designer. As such, I’m constantly looking at stuff. Whether it’s the art and information on a cereal box, or how IKEA products are so efficiently packed in those otherwise plain brown cartons. It’s all part of what we, as consumers, experience when … Read more

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for May 5

¡Oralé! Even though I’ve begun working through the alphabet, I had already planned something to go along with Cinco de Mayo (never mind that I’m doing this in mid-July). That something took a little longer than my traditionally set up time restriction. Hope you enjoy. To paraphrase Jeff Dunham and Peanut– Yes, it’s a jalapeño– … Read more

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 10

I know I’ve said this before, and it’s especially appropriate today. Inspiration can sometimes hit in the most unlikely places. Case in point. My part of North Jersey (according to the town’s Chamber of Commerce guide) is about 20 miles from The City (that would be New York City for my out-of-town readers). Throughout the … Read more